The Latest version has been released. Version 1.7 (18 Oct 2006). To download the latest version of Google Calendar Add for Mac OS X Address Book Ctrl-Click here and choose Download Linked File to Desktop .

Google Calendar Add Scripts v1.7 (18 Oct 2006)

Download the scripts and install them in either:

/Library/Address Book Plug-Ins [for all users]


~/Library/Address Book Plug-Ins [for your account only]

After installing the scripts remember to quit and restart Address Book.

Using the scripts is easy. Try this -

  1. Pick someone from your address book.
  2. Ctrl-Click on one of the Address Labels or Phone Labels
  3. From the context menu choose "Create Call on Google for {Persons name}" or "Create Google Meeting for {Persons Name} at {Address Location}
  4. Safari will launch and present you with the Add Event page from Google Calendar - pre-filled with information for the person you selected. Make your changes to the information.
  5. Click "Save" to add to your Google Calendar
  6. Note that the description contains a link back to the person's Address Book entry. Try selecting the link and Ctrl-Clicking then choose Open URL. You should be returned to the person's entry in Address Book.

Release Notes - Version 1.7

This is version 1.7 of the utilities. Latest versions were created Oct 18, 2006.

Changes in version 1.7

- "Missing Value" suppressed in first name and last name
- "Missing Value" suppressed in Organization name
- Organization name used in context menu if Person name is empty
- Location information is context sensitive, based on label used to activate menu

- Call Script selection changed to "Add Call on GCal for {name}[]"


Registered users receive lifetime free updates and a "nag free" version of this utility. To Register and donate go here.

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